Let’s say that everything in your life is going perfectly as planned, if you could plan your life and then right out of no where, bam! You saw that one coming but you figured the ball would have been lighter. Everything starts to fall apart at the seams. There is a reason why building a foundation is so important because when the structure is torn down, the base is still there, waiting to be built upon once more. There are times in a teen’s life where they just feel useless… kind of like how I’m feeling. Well, I’ve made a pact with myself, contract and everything, that I don’t really need to change anything, I just need to look at it from a different perspective.

“A different attitude cause there is no truth to what they’re saying about this life and it’s rules. Well there are no rules, just fundamentals they expect you to follow”      ~Since the Promise

I can’t follow to save my life and I’m tired of the energy that’s wasted. I’m not thinking of going crazy, I’m just saying this time, when I build, I’m building horizontal.



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