How Long Was I Out

Forget being hungover so bad that you can’t remember anything that happened last night. Those are intentional blackouts. The phrase “drink to forget,” comes to mind, but it’s a completely different story when you pass out in class the next day because you studied too hard/long the night before. One moment you’re listening to lecture and the next thing you know, you give yourself whiplash as you look up only to find that look of disgust coming from the professor. What’s sucks about it is you can’t remember how long you were out. It feels like forever but chances are it was only for a few seconds but there’s no way to really know for sure is there? Hold on there’s only two more hours of class left. I make time pass by counting how many times I do the head jolt when I start to fall. See, it’s a game. Try to wake up as many times as you can before the teach gives you that look. Just a thought marinate on it for a bit.


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