Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong

Over the past two weeks I’ve been packing and moving back into my dorm at school. I haven’t had the means to post as I’ve been trying adjust to my classes and such. Even though I wasn’t writing I was defiantly thinking, thinking how this year was going to be the adventure I was suppose […]

Human Eat Human

“It’s a dog eat dog world because no one wants the saying to actually symbolize cannibalism or how people use others weaknesses to feed and fuel themselves. The apocalypse has been going on for quite some time people. ”  ~ Since The Promise

Summer of Epiphanies

Sayings like, “Everything happens for a reason” end up making my brain hurt especially when they can be applied to my own life. I never wanted to come home this summer. It was kind a stage where I wanted to be as far from everyone I knew as possible. Because of the rules of my […]