Didn’t See That Coming

So at around 3:23 a.m. I was stung by a scorpion. Luckily, I live in Colorado rather than New Mexico or Arizona where the infamous bark scorpion lurks. The fact that I was sleeping at a friends house and not my own calmed what would normally be a huge freak out. Since I was in the dark, I couldn’t see it coming. I have to say that sucker hurt like heck. The venom spread and became part of me, a scar, from the dangers of life. With some ice and time, I was able to return to sleep and wake up to a, “did that actually happen,” mindset. In the dark, we are so vulnerable. I’m not only talking physical dark, but mental dark. The scary thing is we don’t see it as a threat. If we let our defenses down in the light, we can still get hurt the same. When life brings unexpected pain our way, sure thing it hurts like a bugger, but unless we have an allergic reaction to life, the pain goes away and we return to the dark. Somehow we have the audacity to stay there anyway because we know that eventually it will be light again.Image


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