Summer of Epiphanies

Sayings like, “Everything happens for a reason” end up making my brain hurt especially when they can be applied to my own life. I never wanted to come home this summer. It was kind a stage where I wanted to be as far from everyone I knew as possible. Because of the rules of my parents, I was forced to come home for the summer losing my guaranteed job and freedom. Not only did I make myself miserable, I brought anyone I came into contact with, other than my high school friends, down with me. As the summer winds down, I’ve learned to be content with wherever I am or have to be. By coming home, I’ve rediscovered my passion for soccer, music, fitness, religion, and even my family that’s growing just as I am, all the things that faded when I left. There was a reason I needed to come back and I learned to be perfectly content with where I’m at. Changing should be for the better but if it costs losing the real you, nothings worth it.


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