Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong

Over the past two weeks I’ve been packing and moving back into my dorm at school. I haven’t had the means to post as I’ve been trying adjust to my classes and such. Even though I wasn’t writing I was defiantly thinking, thinking how this year was going to be the adventure I was suppose to have last year. This year, I was going to have fun and go crazy. About three days in to my new adventure I figured out, that wasn’t going to happen. It’s not like I couldn’t do all that stuff but I wouldn’t do that stuff. It’s just not me. I stopped convincing myself that I was the problem and realized the reason was me but it wasn’t a problem. We all have our personalities and I am a serious introvert. Talking to people isn’t an issue but I prefer not to if I don’t have to. For a while, that seemed really wrong to me. I have enough stuff on my plate this year as far as work study, school, clubs, and my music goes, but being reserved shouldn’t be one. This post is just a shout out to all the “I’d rather keep to myself,” people, whether it be adults in the work force or students like me.

“They say you got to choose your side and when it’s done, nobody right, nobody wrong.” ~ Michael Franti & Spearhead


I’ll be back to my regular postings on Wednesdays starting next week:)


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