Blame It On the Rain

Forget individual people, if we really think about it, the whole world is a giant compilation of disorders. This is a real stretch for symbolism but how many times do we find everything in life going great or crappy and then two seconds later it changes. The fact that we just spilled mustard on our […]

It’s Always Too Early To Grow Up

Humans vs Zombies started this week at my university and before you say it’s just a child’s game of tag, that’s exactly what it is. The game is more than that though, at least for me. It’s nice to get away from school for awhile and gives me something to look forward to other than […]

Religion Is No Joke, Unless You Just Laughed

A couple posts ago, I mentioned epiphanies and getting back to doing activities I love. The other night I went out to play soccer and ended up getting something that couldn’t be exchanged even if I wanted to. I had been out for maybe an hour when a song from my early teen years came […]

¿Cómo puedo decir I’m Lost

So, like an idiot, I never took Spanish in high school. I wanted to but it wasn’t a requirement to graduate and back then, I was very focused on only taking classes I needed to get my diploma. In college, I ended up enrolling in Spanish to fulfill my GC Program. I think I can […]