Religion Is No Joke, Unless You Just Laughed

A couple posts ago, I mentioned epiphanies and getting back to doing activities I love. The other night I went out to play soccer and ended up getting something that couldn’t be exchanged even if I wanted to. I had been out for maybe an hour when a song from my early teen years came on. Someone would think that if a song is on my ipod, I should be used to it but I wasn’t. Conforming to online media, majority of my music sources include browsing through Spotify and Pandora. Maybe it wasn’t an epiphany. It was just an all in all surrender like I knew I couldn’t do anything on my own anymore. Everyone has their own views on religion and I’m in no position to decide truth, especially being young in my faith but for those who are religious, it was indescribable. Symbolically speaking, I was reintroduced by means of a soccer ball. Even though I was mind blown by the experience, I walked back to my dorm not giving a second thought about it. I couldn’t sleep that night though I had no idea why but when morning came, I carried on my day like any other day. As night fell again I realized I had gone through a college day minus stress. Breakfast, work, lunch, homework, interview, reading, class, dinner all done with about three hours of sleep at the most. The strange thing was I didn’t even feel the slightest bit tired through the most active parts of the day.This is in no way an excuse to skip out on sleep but all the routine activities I usually do are a chore. None the less, I was quite happy to complete them. While the details of the story aren’t important as the concept itself, some things are harder to explain. Regardless of what it is, if you believe what you believe in confidence, your going to be happier overall no matter the physical outcome.



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