It’s Always Too Early To Grow Up

Humans vs Zombies started this week at my university and before you say it’s just a child’s game of tag, that’s exactly what it is. The game is more than that though, at least for me. It’s nice to get away from school for awhile and gives me something to look forward to other than classes and work. The levels of players are as follows…

The Eh: This person joins the game but never has any intention to play.

The First Year: This person literally joins the game and plays because everyone of their friends joins the game and wants to play.

The EGO: This could be anyone who plays a lot of video games, wants to prove something, or just has a deep hate for zombies. In reality, they just want to shoot something.

The Veteran: This player has participated in many games and is always there to back up the champion.

The Champion: This is the player that has five giant nerf guns, enough refills to last a life time, and a reputation for taking risks that are stupid but always seems to come out on top. They have become a HvZ legend within their school and don’t want to disappoint.

Now that we have the players out of the way, at least on the human side, I can say I am none of these. I don’t know why I joined the game my first year because none of my friends even thought about joining. To be honest, if there was a zombie apocalypse, I would be the first one to go because even the thought of something like that freaks the geek out of me. I hate feeling paranoid, and who likes getting shot by nerf guns as people run from you like a leper? I don’t want to say I’m a loser but I’m the exact opposite of the champion. When given the choice to fight or run, I’ll run to the nearest safe zone and have no problem camping out. This is my third game and because of my running technique, I haven’t exactly made a name in the game. I don’t plan to, it’s pointless. Yet, I find myself going back to the game. I’ll think I have too much work to do when in fact that is the exact reason why I need to play. I’m not saying run around screaming with a nerf gun Rambo style so all the your co workers have something to stare at while they drink their morning coffee. I guess through my whole rant, what I’m trying to say is, if now isn’t the time to play an advanced children’s game of tag for no reason, when is.



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