Blame It On the Rain

Forget individual people, if we really think about it, the whole world is a giant compilation of disorders. This is a real stretch for symbolism but how many times do we find everything in life going great or crappy and then two seconds later it changes. The fact that we just spilled mustard on our shirt or a complete stranger returned that twenty dollar bill we lost can have the most interesting impact on our mood. I’m telling you straight up the world is bipolar, from weather to technology. Nothing can or will stay the same even if we tried to keep it still. Not only that but I have had this strange impulse to diagnose the world with OCD. It’s not like I can actually do that seeing as how I’m a video production student at one of millions of universities but the sun rises every morning, night falls every day. The clouds move, people work, and money is paid like a routine that can’t be stopped. If any one of these things seized to follow the routine completely, we would feel uneasiness and it would definitely bother us like someone who has one of these disorders.  Depression, Alzheimers: literally forgetting the past and making the similar mistakes we have because it’s just natural for history to repeat itself, and having multiple personalities describes life. The world has an eating disorder. It feeds on the weak, goes on a binge, literally destroying every last crumb just to gain this so called beautiful reward, whatever that might be. A few others come to mind but if anything common is lacking it would be colorblindness. I am one hundred percent sure the world is immune to that. Compiled into one big world, we have always had a disability to decide for ourselves where we want to go and what we want to do. Sure we can choose but it’s greatly influenced by our providers, the world. This is life, we can only treat it as best we know how, by living. 



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