Like A Brick

When inspiration hits you like a brick, you better not be too lazy to pick it up and run with it. I don’t care if I’m building a house for the three little pigs, a bricks going missing because I’m half way around the world by now. Every time I acquire inspiration to write lyrics or music, it’s freaking 1:30 in the morning (quiet hours) in a college dorm. If this was before I had read blogs about how it’s important to practice your craft everyday I would have said screw it, I’m going to watch Netflix instead. However, I did read those blogs, and I am serious about my music. I can’t just sit down and ignore an opportunity to place that brick on the road to my future. I get dressed, pack up my gear, put on my coat, and travel across campus to do the best I can to take advantage of the moment. I’m not saying travel the world but enable yourself to do something, anything.

We as writers, artists, musicians, creators, can’t pass up a cup full of inspiration whether it’s 4pm or 1:30am. If there’s nothing flowing but you have the time, go out and find it. Sitting alone with a mind that isn’t coming up with new material is apparently not doing the trick. Freaking find that brick and throw it at yourself. I’m serious, knock yourself out with inspiration (just make sure it’s the good kind). You might be at an all time low and it’s too heavy, too large, too hard but I promise, those heavy, large, hard projects, are the best kind. They just need someone to start and finished them.



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