That Time Again


It’s that time again. The time where all momentum in life seems to slow or worse, halt all together. Winter is here and suddenly it’s a chore to get up earlier and scrape off the car. It’s finals week for us students as well, the time where we all become either antisocial due to studying or extremely social in order to fill any time we should be spending studying. As good as it feels to be completely over 2013, it’s not over until that clock strikes 12 on new years eve.

Let’s take a walk in Cinderellas shoes for a minute, yes I’m going back to old Disney. She wanted to leave the ball early and play it safe in order to make sure she got the heck out of there before midnight. Because there was a reason for her to stay, she ended up cutting it super close but she wouldn’t have lost her shoe if she hadn’t stayed a little longer. Then she freaking became a princess. That was a cheesy way of saying 2013 is still going. What can you do with what’s left of the year to make entering 2014 even better. Give yourself a reason to stay.

Who says goals need a new years resolution. The point is, most things or habits we end the year with, continue into the next year and then we become surprised when it’s halfway through the next year and life seems the same. 

I have never made a new years resolution on New Years. Come to think of it, I make resolutions everyday just not on New Years. Hear me out for a minute. Someone just said you’ve won a million dollars and you can claim your prize now. Instead you decide to wait until your broke. Don’t assume it’s going to be there, invest when everyone else is waiting for the right moment. “I can just wait until next year.” Well, yes. Yes you can but it takes time to build momentum and things will get busy quickly. 

As the year is winding down and the coffee amount is winding up, now is the best time to start a new years resolution. Don’t think that time again. Think this time i’ll go all the way to the end.

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