We Were Taught To Learn

I had a sudden realization the other day when I was high on caffeine. The internet includes pretty much every political and social argument anybody could think of, from racism to genetically engineered food. Then there’s the religion debate and it got me thinking, (I know kind of dangerous). Many say that the only reason each of us believe what we believe is because at some point in our life we were taught. I, in no way want this to be a depressing post. I’m all about motivation, especially at the moment but I’m going through a “why” phase and we all know how dangerous those can be.

I was taught to be respectful. I was taught to speak when spoken to but filter my words. I was taught God is merciful but that doesn’t give anybody a free ticket to murder the crap out of someone. And then the dreaded teen years came. That is when I felt the argument people only believe what they believe because they were taught wasn’t a valid excuse anymore. Puberty and the teen years is all about rebellion, questioning why. Why do I have to listen to what my parents say? Why do I have a curfew? Why should I believe in something that I can’t see? They are for the most part really good questions. Back then I didn’t understand. I was disconnected because I had played no part in finding out the answers. I’m sure there’s some scientific explanation for it like brain development still, I don’t like the box society has put teens in. Here are a couple of descriptions that popped up in the web browser for teen years: brain dead, naive, living hell, insecure, rebel. Yes there are some stupid moments but it is a much needed time before reality hits. The fact that they question authority at all is a great sign that they don’t just go with whatever some person says is truth. The gold is when they grow out of the teens and start finding the answers to questions they were curious enough to ask in the first place. Eventually they will find out how strong what they’ve been taught is and what they really do believe.


There’s a song by FM Static that I absolutely love. It refers to religion but it can be applied to anything. It’s called the voyage of beliefs (go figure).

I’m not a fan of long posts unless they’re stories so I’m going to wrap this up really quick. I’m in my last year as a teenager and I can see the growth between what I was taught and what I believe. What I was taught, was me on the outside looking in. What I believe now is a part of me and what I stand for.

Asking why is good. Finding out why is better. Know that the answer might change. Know as humans we are all together. 


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