Band Dismissed

I went into a photography studio to get some head shots a few weeks ago. The final photos turned out pretty well but while the photographer and I were going through the proofs on the spot, I saw photos where the camera caught me off guard. Turns out, I have horrible posture. I always knew self confidence was about how we view ourselves but we don’t always get the opportunity to view ourselves. I can stop in a bathroom a few times a day or look at the window of some strip mall but to see myself interacting with others when I’m not doing anything else was amazing. I slouch everywhere I go. Since it affected me negatively I started to wonder how everyone else saw me. I imagine like a quasi modo dressed in all black dragging my feet with my eyes glued to the sidewalk. Not listening to my mother when she said sit up straight was probably more than my fault but we all make mistakes. So I ended up doing something I thought I would never have to do again, I learned how to walk. Not just one foot in front of the other like that creepy animated christmas special but actually walking with confidence, with purpose in everything I do. As depressing as life is, it’s important to believe in what your doing and why your doing it. Maybe all the easy things we do seem easy because we’re doing them wrong. My band instructor used to do this drill with us every morning so before you take the next step in life ask your self…

How are your feet? TOGETHER.
Stomach? IN.
Chest? OUT.
Shoulders? BACK
Chin? UP.
Eyes? With PRIDE





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