Time Travel

I’m not so good at speeches. It frustrates me when I can’t explain something that I clearly understand in my head. Heck, I know half the time the audience isn’t even listening, they are probably too caught up in their own thoughts. Yet my mouth always outruns my brain. I had to give a pitch for a class and it came out like a jumbled mess. Was I disappointed afterwards, yes. Am I forced to live that day again and again until I get it right, thank gosh no. Thing is, time keeps moving forward, it’s only the mind that travels back and if time travel is ever invented, it will be our worst enemy. Most likely everyone would become perfectionists, consumed in their past by getting things right. Ultimately, no one would feel sure enough to move forward. How does reliving the worst day of your life sound? Probably great if none of us had to remember it but that’s beside the point. Draw a line around yourself. This is the a comfort zone. You might say wait a minute I drew it too small. Why did you restrict yourself for no reason? Yes you can draw another line. Now step over it. Did anything bad happen? If not, what were you afraid of? If it did, don’t go back or you’ll be locked in, waiting to get it right, surrounded by fear of something bad happening again. Next, draw a bigger comfort zone and continue to step forward. Then keep going until the world is your comfort. Only after this can you look back and be at peace, knowing you can go anywhere and do anything, again.





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