As a student, I am required by the laws of nature to make a post about finals. 

F is for Finally, you’re almost done

I is for Improvise, if you didn’t study

N is for Never mind…just study

A is for All the things you’ll do in the summer

L is for Last but not least

S is for Seriously that was not a joke. Study.

Truth is, the sooner we realize there’re no shortcuts, the better off we’ll be. Imagine a world where all we had to do was show up. There would be absolutely no point which would probably lead to not even showing up, rolling over, and going back to sleep. Those who do that regardless, congratulations, you’ll find out the hard way. Everybody keeps telling us a degree does not guarantee a job and they’re right. But heading into class with confidence that even if you don’t do well, you’re still prepared for the worst is a better feeling than freaking out about something you had the power to change. Do you see the parallel? Life is not about grades it’s about growth. Life is not about passing trials and tests it’s about taking up the responsibility to face them. Life is not about the finals, it’s about the finish. 

Good luck but you don’t need it!



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