Vacation & Procrastination

The past month I took a break from blogging to settle into my apartment, finish working on music, and take a breather from everything. I have no complaints about the student life nor is it amazing. It’s just sort of there, like the extra filling of a double stuffed Oreo. You can’t taste the difference but you know it’s there. There’s a time to take on white water and there’s a time to float in the middle of the ocean where there’s no wind, no tide, no one else in site…and be ok with it. A couple of my earlier posts have maintained a “go go go” mentality, but there is nothing wrong with breaks. Breaks are good, long breaks are not so good. It’s similar to when you wake up from a thirty minute nap and feel refreshed but if you wake up from a four hour nap, you’re groggy. Ignoring my horrible analogies, I’m back at it! My posts will continue next week because I’m still living and learning.


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