Half Sweet Home

These last two days were complete chaos. When I say chaos, I mean really crazy things were happening. My roommate, who I didn’t choose to live with by the way, is a partier. Her friend happened to throw up all over the bathroom, somehow missing the toilet. The best thing she thought to do was leave it […]

50/50 Chance

Weighing positive and negatives using the scale system has to be one of the worst ways to make real life choices. Ex. Should I eat pancakes or waffles? Both choices start off on a level playing field, exactly the same amount of positives and negatives. Then, I’m forced to pick apart every little hypothetical situation […]

Free Falling

I know the list of seven things you should never talk about in a conversation because they are boring as heck but I really need to make an exception. If you don’t know the list of topics to avoid talking about, the list is below… Diet Period Sleep Health Money Route Talk & Dreams… But […]