Free Falling

I know the list of seven things you should never talk about in a conversation because they are boring as heck but I really need to make an exception. If you don’t know the list of topics to avoid talking about, the list is below…

Route Talk
& Dreams…

But I had a dream that blew my mind. I was at an amusement park, in line for a ride that took people up into the clouds on a fish line, and then cut the line. Completely unattached, just you and a parachute, free falling. The first time I got on, I was super scared and skeptical. Like any normal person, I had a very rational fear my parachute was going to break…so I turned back. The second attempt, I was more confident but had the urge to test the parachute, literally pulling it before getting on. By that time I had to go back and find a new parachute. So I’m staring at all these parachutes that look exactly the same, trying to somehow figure out which one is the safest. Finally, I get back on, the gates close, and I notice I’m not tied on the fish line. Freaking out, I came to realize, what’s the difference between a fish line and no line. Simply put, I jumped off. While everyone else was being let go, I jumped off, pulled my parachute and took a very realistic float across the whole park safely landing on the ground.

This probably has some undertone meaning in my life but generally speaking,
I believe everyone is ten times stronger than they think. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re retreating and wake up to find we’re in the back of the line. The parachute may not work but it’s just a dream right?


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