50/50 Chance

Weighing positive and negatives using the scale system has to be one of the worst ways to make real life choices.

Ex. Should I eat pancakes or waffles? Both choices start off on a level playing field, exactly the same amount of positives and negatives. Then, I’m forced to pick apart every little hypothetical situation that will probably never happen, like if I accidentally tripped would the waffles contain more syrup or would the pancakes absorb more syrup. No joke, these are actually my morning thoughts. When I get done tipping the scale, one is obviously a better choice, which makes me feel dumb for not being able to decide in the first place.

It makes me realize life would be easier if we were all robots but then I remember the flashback scene from iRobot and I’m torn again! The one person who had this whole decisions thing figured out was two-face. Of course he made extreme decisions but flipping a coin probably took the stress out of eating breakfast.



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