Half Sweet Home

These last two days were complete chaos. When I say chaos, I mean really crazy things were happening. My roommate, who I didn’t choose to live with by the way, is a partier. Her friend happened to throw up all over the bathroom, somehow missing the toilet. The best thing she thought to do was leave it there. Luckily, it was the day I planned to move out of the apartment and I was able to compromise my morning routine. Some people…

I’m a big time coordinator and noted my bus to the train station perfectly. At exactly 3:14 my bus rolls right past me without a second glance. The next bus would have been an hour later so a taxi was the alternative. I get in the taxi, everything is fine and dandy. We pull onto the highway and I notice the window is all the way down and the button is broken. I think we all know how having the skin blown off our face feels.

These were just some of the crazy events that happened yesterday but the weird thing was, I just adapted and the day went on. I didn’t panic or freak out, just went on. I feel like God was watching over me because I had not a care or worry in the world. I knew everything would work out.

 After packing up my apartment, finding someone to store it, and finishing the hassle of getting around a city without a car, I finally arrived in my hometown. I haven’t been back to Colorado in almost a year. It feels good to be home.

I don’t think the surprises or chaos ever ends but after stepping off that train, I think the best way to deal with the unexpected is to ditch whatever the original plan was and adapt. The reason we stress is because the plan we planned gets ruined and we try to fix it. Don’t fix it. It’s like when you buy a used car but end up spending more to keep it running than buying a new one. I’ve never even bought a car before but I’m sure part of me would try to fix it but the other half would say screw it and saying screw it was what got me home yesterday:) 


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