One Year

I realized the other day that the topics on this blog are really broad. So I started asking myself what are some things that I’ve learned, that I know a lot about, or that I would feel comfortable talking about so I could narrow my focus. As much confidence as I have in myself I didn’t come up with anything. I then started to think about my website, where I house my songwriting, video production work, and blog wondering if there was a way to combine all of these elements into one ongoing project. I think you guys might like the result. The plan is as follows…

Ok so I don’t have it all planned out yet just know that my posts are going to start taking a different direction and I’ll let you guys decide if it’s for the better within the next year as I transition to “the real world” as we call it.

I can’t believe it’s already August. I’ll be going into my final year of college at the end of the month which is appropriate because I only have one more year till the most crucial time of living and learning is over.




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