My sisters wedding was a couple weeks ago and shortly after, I returned to campus for school which explains my compete lack of posts since the beginning of August. There’re about three things I’m ready for this school year and one hundred I’m not. I’m ready to

& Sacrifice

because everything’s important until it’s not.

I noticed this at my sisters wedding as well as when I was unpacking in my apartment.

While we were still in the decorating and organizing phase, all things wedding related were number one priority. The flowers were important, the rehearsal was important, the colors were important and while it seemed like everything was important, nothing really was except my sister walking down the isle, her and her husband saying their vows, and completing the marriage ceremony. Everything else was society inspired fluff. I’m not a hater of weddings, in fact it was beautiful and heart warming the way it turned out, but it just reminded me the importance of defining what’s really important.

When I first got to my apartment, my family was helping me complete all the things I needed to before I could start unpacking. It was what I call the latter system. I couldn’t do this thing before I had done this thing, and I couldn’t complete this task without a conformation from this person. I’m a schedule oriented person so when my Dad refused to give me a time which they had to leave by, I compromised my original plan and incorporated the extra number of hands I had to help me. For someone who can be stubborn, this reminded me that my mind can’t be trusted with all things.

Now, I’m sitting here thinking about all the work and stress that comes from a senior year of college and know I have to sacrifice. The free time I had the first two years…has to be filled with productivity, the sprint of procrastination…has to be replaced with a marathon of discipline, and the dreams…must be manipulated so that my energy is placed toward experience rather than understanding.

I encourage you to prioritize. What is really important, what can be compromised, and what could be sacrificed.



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