I hardly ever write anymore. In fact, I don’t write at all. I type. Just like the difference between reading a physical book and reading a kindle, there’s a difference between typing words and writing words. I believe handwriting reveals the personality of a person. Typing seems impersonal to me and when you think about it, the computer gets to decide what my words are really saying based on my chosen, limited font. Don’t think that the font style I use doesn’t say something about me. I know in graphics and design the font used by a brand is just as, if not more important than the design and color pallet themselves. Maybe I’m ranting but you wouldn’t be able to tell if I was angry about it or not unless I used exclamation marks!!! OR TYPED EVERYTHING IN CAPS WHICH MAKES A READER FEEL LIKE THEY ARE BEING YELLED AT!!!! I might as well be typing in hieroglyphics, at least that way, you could see the whole picture.  Anyway, there’s something subtly pleasant in reading handwriting, whether it’s a blog or a grocery list.



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