My Business

I never thought I would be enjoying my business class half as much as I am. I honestly thought it was just going to be another elective but it has changed my whole perspective on the world and how it works. Hearing about the many entrepreneurs who have started their own business is like drinking a cup of inspiration. What these people had, creativity, dedication, and motivation, are all things that can be applied to almost every aspect of everyday life, whether it be work, school, or personal growth. I encourage the challenge of trying new things because you never know how much you might learn about yourself.



2 thoughts on “My Business

  1. I loved college. My goal was to take whatever class my friends enjoyed or experience whatever profs my friends became hyped about. Drove my advisors insane! 😉 My husband and I really enjoyed The Men Who Built America series when it came out. Similar idea, incredibly motivating and inspiring!

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