The System

It’s nothing new, nothing new at all there are many things wrong in the world.

We as people unknowingly know it’s the one belief that is shared. Yet…

Everyone has a cause of their own, something they are fighting towards,

but fighting for the cause itself it useless there will always be more.

The problem is the cause of the cause that which was already flawed.

I have a really hard time believing someone when they tell me this is the right way.

There is no right way…wrong way, right? Just a way that seems to feel right.

Maybe I’m speaking gibberish, nonsense non the less, but I have a hard time believing anyone or anything is correct.

This be including me. I’m no exception to the system.

The system that seems to work but can’t be left on its own,

we constantly have to be tweaking and fixing that which was meant to be broken.



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