One thing I am absolutely terrible at is consistency. The last time I blogged was about 5 months ago. However, I am determined to stick to a consistent post schedule starting tomorrow until the end of the year 2016. From now on, I will make a blog post every week no matter how tired, aggravated, or uninspired I feel.

The other day my supervisor noticed that every time I show up for work, I come through the same door, clock in, set my things down, and move right into my duties for the day. He asked me, “you are a person of routine aren’t you?” I responded, “am I?”

This was honestly news to me because I see myself as being all over the place. My drive and energy seems to appear in short bursts and doing the same thing, the same way had never occurred to me. It really got me thinking, holy crap, I am a creature of routine. I have a morning routine and a night routine. I have an exercise routine and a cooking routine. So why is it so hard for me to have a posting routine.

It was then I realized, I can do this. I watched a Youtuber the other day who quoted a quote. I don’t remember what the quote was but it was something along the lines of, “What if, what if you keep going?”

Consistency is key. Making content on a regular basis isn’t always the easiest thing, but if you incorporate it into your routine, it won’t seem like you’re going out of your way to post new content.

So I am here to stay now.

Here are a couple of updates.

I am in my final stretch of grad school, starting this summer and finishing in December.

I’ll be working on a passion project for my thesis and am going to be vlogging along the way, which will hopefully help me get through it without being traumatized.

I now have a set schedule for every social media outlet I am on (with the exception of Twitter and Instagram). Youtube on Mondays, WordPress on Wednesdays, and  Facebook on Fridays. Let’s see you this goes.

You can take my map but I’m already lost!




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