Based on circumstance…



Watching the days go by, like so When I due realized, I didn’t post Don’t worry, don’t worry, I didn’t forget Wait, actually…I think I did! Don’t blame me, my memory is dying There’s a lot on my mind and my brain is trying To make it up, I wrote a little poem To say […]

ID Please

I feel disappointed in myself for not doing a 2015 New Years post. I would do one now but the moment is gone, like when you want to contribute to a conversation but missed the moment of silence. It’s my last semester of college and my schedule consist of really random electives. One of them is named […]

Summer of Epiphanies

Sayings like, “Everything happens for a reason” end up making my brain hurt especially when they can be applied to my own life. I never wanted to come home this summer. It was kind a stage where I wanted to be as far from everyone I knew as possible. Because of the rules of my […]

How Long Was I Out

Forget being hungover so bad that you can’t remember anything that happened last night. Those are intentional blackouts. The phrase “drink to forget,” comes to mind, but it’s a completely different story when you pass out in class the next day because you studied too hard/long the night before. One moment you’re listening to lecture […]

Darn Nostalgia

One person, one song, one word and here come the memories with freak’in tears on the side. Those moments make me feel like I could be the best actor in a drama movie. Cue the music and scene. Thinking back to all the amazing moments i’ve had so far in my life makes me realize […]


After 12 years of school, there is a giant expectation when you move on. Even though it’s a fresh start, nobody knows you, teens tend to follow the expectation that was made in those 12 years. I guess I shouldn’t say teens but I have. I find myself exactly where I was. It’s not a […]

Stuck In the Middle

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,”                       — Stealers Wheel A fight between friends at school, simple sibling rivalry, politics? There’s confrontation and disagreements everywhere. There’s always a third wheel that is rather indifferent and constantly trying to keep the peace of things. […]