Golden Birthday

I turned 22 on the 22nd of September today. It’s my golden birthday but honestly I feel like my soul is too old to care. The past 365 days have been weird. If I explained what weird was, it would seem normal to anyone else because majority of the weird stuff took place internally. There’s no […]

Confessions of a Workaholic

I don’t remember the last time I took a break. Even during holidays, I still find the time to slay away at whatever the task is for that day. Being a workaholic is real. It’s an addiction. Too much of one thing makes it rightly so. I’m sitting on my couch, at 2 o’clock in […]

That Seems Fun

A couple of weeks ago I was traveling via train on my my way home for Thanksgiving. For the first time ever, I happened to sit next to an overly friendly, annoyingly talkative person. She seemed very excited to be going to school for six years in order to become a doctor, great for her. However, when I said […]

Half Sweet Home

These last two days were complete chaos. When I say chaos, I mean really crazy things were happening. My roommate, who I didn’t choose to live with by the way, is a partier. Her friend happened to throw up all over the bathroom, somehow missing the toilet. The best thing she thought to do was leave it […]

Free Falling

I know the list of seven things you should never talk about in a conversation because they are boring as heck but I really need to make an exception. If you don’t know the list of topics to avoid talking about, the list is below… Diet Period Sleep Health Money Route Talk & Dreams… But […]


My studio production professor presented me with the most important question I’ve ever been asked.  He said, “Pretend you have a million bucks. How do you feel?” I said, “Like a rockstar, I’m worth million bucks.” His response was a simple,  “You’re still a rockstar and you’re still worth a million bucks because nothings changed […]

I Suck At This Whole Life Thing

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood and I, I freaking turned around wondering what the heck I was doing in the woods. With all the confusion I came up with the theory that I was either ahead of the game or had fallen behind. I was left exactly where I had started. I guess […]

Religion Is No Joke, Unless You Just Laughed

A couple posts ago, I mentioned epiphanies and getting back to doing activities I love. The other night I went out to play soccer and ended up getting something that couldn’t be exchanged even if I wanted to. I had been out for maybe an hour when a song from my early teen years came […]