One thing I am absolutely terrible at is consistency. The last time I blogged was about 5 months ago. However, I am determined to stick to a consistent post schedule starting tomorrow until the end of the year 2016. From now on, I will make a blog post every week no matter how tired, aggravated, […]


Guys, I graduate tomorrow! To be honest, I think it’s going to be so anticlimactic but I’m excited none the less. I would write a really long post about all the great memories I’ve made these past three years and how I’m going to miss college but really, I’m not. It’s time to start building something […]


Watching the days go by, like so When I due realized, I didn’t post Don’t worry, don’t worry, I didn’t forget Wait, actually…I think I did! Don’t blame me, my memory is dying There’s a lot on my mind and my brain is trying To make it up, I wrote a little poem To say […]