My This

I’ve thought about this.

Too much? Too soon to say.

I’ve read about this.

How long? The whole darn day.

I’m worried about this.

Again? Again.

I could live without this.

Without what? The end.








You got me.

You got me real good.

For some reason I needed to understand

why you felt so misunderstood.

And now I know.

I searched, I dug.

And what did I find?

Love, a drug.

And I wish it wasn’t.

I might have a chance then.

I could find a way to deal

or at least pretend.

But you got me.

You got me real good.

I just wanted a taste.

and now, I’m hooked.



Turning Point

Believe that there is a turning point in every persons life. It is in that moment we decide whether to continue on the path that we’ve set, to adhere to standards we haven’t yet, to settle for what we’ve known would come…


to dust the dirt off our dream because it has always come second to everything, to dig deeper than ever before, to give it another try even if just one more.



All Wrong

People will believe what they want to believe

and if told what to believe

they will believe that is wrong

We will fight for what we feel is right

and if told we are not

the fight doesn’t stop

the place is familiar

and the cycle goes on

it is hardest to realize

we are all in the wrong.