This ones for you.

The star of my dreams.

The one who drifts.

Then comes back to me.

I’ll welcome you always.

Don’t care where you’ve been.

As long as my eyes close.

I can’t see your sin.





My next goal is to write a book of short poems. This blog has helped me practice and perfect my craft. Plus, I’m ready for the next level of life. If my goals aren’t changing neither am I. What do you guys think?




You got me.

You got me real good.

For some reason I needed to understand

why you felt so misunderstood.

And now I know.

I searched, I dug.

And what did I find?

Love, a drug.

And I wish it wasn’t.

I might have a chance then.

I could find a way to deal

or at least pretend.

But you got me.

You got me real good.

I just wanted a taste.

and now, I’m hooked.