One Week

Just a few posts ago I was complaining about how far graduation was. It’s still a ways away but I can’t believe it’s almost March! That means I technically only have 10 weeks of school left, not counting spring break. I have been in college for almost three years and while I’ve learned so much I […]

Human Eat Human

“It’s a dog eat dog world because no one wants the saying to actually symbolize cannibalism or how people use others weaknesses to feed and fuel themselves. The apocalypse has been going on for quite some time people. ”  ~ Since The Promise

Born to Be

Every life has been shaped and tweaked by many moments in life; expected and unexpected alike. Little things that we think are so random join together in one big plan. It’s hard to catch those moments with our mental coordination. Yet, the smallest we remember forevrer. It too words to change a life. “Wake Up.” […]