In less than a month my work will be published. They’ll speak my own words and say that it’s rubbish. I’ll believe what they say and change my approach. I’ll wish that I hadn’t.  I meant what I wrote. Advertisements

Turning Point

Believe that there is a turning point in every persons life. It is in that moment we decide whether to continue on the path that we’ve set, to adhere to standards we haven’t yet, to settle for what we’ve known would come… or to dust the dirt off our dream because it has always come second […]

7 More Months

Last year, I created a three year plan for myself. It included all the tasks I wanted to achieve by the end of the three year period. That time period is halfway over and I’ve done absolutely nothing on that list because of either mobility, finances, time restraints, or school priorities. Since the list keeps growing, it […]


My sisters wedding was a couple weeks ago and shortly after, I returned to campus for school which explains my compete lack of posts since the beginning of August. There’re about three things I’m ready for this school year and one hundred I’m not. I’m ready to Prioritize Compromise & Sacrifice because everything’s important until […]

Like A Brick

When inspiration hits you like a brick, you better not be too lazy to pick it up and run with it. I don’t care if I’m building a house for the three little pigs, a bricks going missing because I’m half way around the world by now. Every time I acquire inspiration to write lyrics […]

Looking Down is Looking Back

When something is strong enough to give off even a tiny bit of inspiration in this world, hold on to it like there’s no tomorrow. Negativity will make anything weak. This past weekend I took a Basic Riders Course and found out that the motorcycle will go wherever the rider looks. If I’m was looking […]